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Thread: Anyone looking for a big game rifle?

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    Anyone looking for a big game rifle?

    Hi there, I've got a 375 mag for sale if anyone's interested?

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    It's a heym r/h, it's got detachable mounts with a Swarovski 1.5-6x42 on it in very good nik, it's got reloading gear with it and brass and heads

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    What sort of price are you wanting?

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    Hi 006
    Just read your profile and saw that you were a bit of a Billy with no friends so i sent you a friendship request nice rifle by the way

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    Ha ha very kind of you!! Ha yea I got it for someone and they wanted it for nothing so I kept it! Gotta go now though!

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    how much please.


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    Call me tomorrow on 01761436827 if anyones seriously interested cheers

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    We have spoken. Rupert

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    Yep, anyone interested I can email some pictures if you'd like :-)

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