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Thread: The text of the Assault Rifle Ban 2013 proposed Bill

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    The text of the Assault Rifle Ban 2013 proposed Bill

    This is far more sweeping than I expected and makes very little sense at all. Banning thumb hole stocks WTF

    Dianne Feinstein Gun Bill: Text, List Of Guns Banned And Details Of

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    We know only too well from the handgun ban in this country the utter uselessness of this sort of legislation, the criminal misuse of firearms is far too complex a matter to be solved by banning legislation, it merely benefits inept politicians who can appear to have done something significant whilst achieving very little. It is only the lawabiding who will be affected, those of malicious intent will take no notice, eg. 3105 Handgun offences April 2010 - March 2011. atb Tim

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    I blame Piers Morgan.....

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    In many ways very useful - crystallises what the anti sector in the US want, what they think they can get and what they really hope for. Much of that list is written with the horse trading nature of the US legislature in mind and the oft repeated strategy of dividing opposition.

    There should be no surprises in any of that list for the pro- sector, whether it be the NRA or individuals - one hopes!

    Its a rehash of nearly every policy 'wishlist' since about 1972 - as are the alleged benefits and 'justification'. I do not know the exact basis of the 'crime reduction' statistics given - but can likely guess.

    Of itself, it re states the aspiration of the anti-lobby and those aspirations do not stand up to close scrutiny in terms of averting further tragedies such as those that created the platform to present this. And pro or anti, surely that is the bedrock goal on which action should be based. That it so clearly isn't - statistics regards such tragedies are not included in the many quoted - speaks loudly of the motivation behind this bill.

    The NRA is the voice of shooters in America - it's a large and powerful voice. Under previous leadership it stopped Geo Bush Snrs second term. Now it must perform or face sweeping change for its failure. Love or loathe it, now it must stand and stand well. It's response to Sandyhook does not auger well.

    Many people should be very angry about this - not just shooters. Because ultimately the authoring legislators have done very very little to protect people from the next outrage. Right now it is an opportunity lost, sooner or later it will be lives lost. Those lives will not differentiate between shooters and non-shooters, it comes down to people.

    Assuming the NRA is to be the voice against this, then they need to be a good voice - a voice for everyone. This isnt about the US Constitution, duck hunters or anti-tyranists, self defence, crime, fear, republican/democrat etc etc - it is about asking questions and finding answers - across the board.

    I hope that voice is heard.
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