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    My 15 year old lad shot his first fallow today and he would like to get the skin tanned so do any of you good people know of a reliable tannery

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    There was one in Hereford which i think went bust leaving just one down in Devon?
    You'd be better off sending it abroad. My mate's wife has a sheep/cow skin business and sends all hers out to Italy. I think they salt them before transit. I'll get some more details and see if they can help. Probably best to get it frozen soonest to keep it at its best.
    You can get kits from taxidermist supplies, but you'll not get as good a product as you would from a proper tannery.

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    Barrhead tannery near Paisley do deer skins

    Not sure if it'd be viable just for one though with the shipping costs, etc.

    Not that difficult to do yourself if you read up on it

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    snowdonia taxidermy supplies do a one box kit, enough for one deer skin
    about 25
    need some salt and some elbow grease as well

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    Hi Dave, with your contacts I thought you would have had this sort of thing sorted out years ago ;-)
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    Any taxidermist could sort it for you, not sure what they would charge though.

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    Don't think Barrhead do singles, do you know different ???? Would make things a bit easier if they do as I have a couple waiting to find a tanner just now.

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    Hi Edi I did Fenland Sheepskin at Bridgewater but they went Bust :-(

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    Hi Mr Lewis, I took a British White steer to the abatoir in Cinderford as my daughter wanted the skin cured. This cost us 80 including collection and delivery.The skins are collected by a firm based in York, then sent abroad. The abatoir would have details. Hope this Helps.

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