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Thread: another syndicate ebay

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    another syndicate ebay

    2 members to join syndicate near sanquhar i am sure its the same person that had the places available near oban last week go on ebay then search deer stalking cheers

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    Hello roaring, you will be fed up off me.

    This was another forum members space and myselfs. He wishes to remain anonymous I think. We each have seen no deer on this land never mind shoot anything. I've been told by the man running the syndicate that theres been 4 shot this year but I bet to differ as he cant tell me who has shot them. The land does not have a lough as stated so it is not included but there is a river over the boundary but I don't know if he has the rights. There defiantly is no average of deer as what he is saying. There's no management plan for the land as both my self and other forum member can vouch for. The seller cannot give me a population assessment for next year and he doesn't know what's on the land.

    I personally do not like so see anyone else in the shooting community being ripped off.


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    He claims muntjac have been seen in the area too....

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    Did the last one sell ???

    well said pro-guitar, you may save a member some hard earned cash, unfortunately somebody else may pay.

    Another example of the benifit of being a member to a great site , well done SD staff ��������

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    There no way on gods creation that there's muntjac!!! There was a rumour that there was some seen! I have been up there with a ex military thermal camera and two of the stealth pro cameras for most of the year and there has been nothing seen. That's only an excuse for him to try and justify the money he's asking!

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    My lad and I were invited up there september and october last year. Spent a week ( more like wasted a week) stalking and saw sod all. Believe me we worked dammed hard to try and get sight of a beast or tracks of 1, to all intents and purposes the land is barren.

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    Can I just say that I read this thread with some interest, can any of you guys tell me where in the Sanquhar area this land is ? I have lease that runs between Thornhill and Sanquhar and just curious !
    Regarding the Muntjac sightings, can I just say that Muntjac sightings were actually bordering my ground by a member from another syndicate, this stired up a hornets nest, I had FC and SNH staff putting stealth cams all over my ground looking for these so called Muntjac that were seen ?.
    I would suggest that the person who reported this sighting to the FC think long and hard before they do anything like this again, the chances of any transiant Muntjac entering this ground is virtually non exsistent, the only way that Muntjac would be present is by someone placing them their, so dont beleive the hype.

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    I went to see this ground about 18 months ago as i seen the advert on evilbay i spent a full day with the dogs on the ground and never seen signs of owt apart from fox!
    I bumped into the farmer that is at the bottom of this ground and had a good chat with him he was a sound bloke can't remember his name but he said no deer on it! So i'm with Pro-guitar on this one the place is shot out don't waste your ££££s on this ground.

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    Sounds like a complete chancer! Does he think that no-one talks to each other...

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    how does 8-12 roe between 4 syndicate members equate to £620 per year!?

    thats as high as £310 per roe...IF get them!!

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