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Thread: What is the best way to start deer stalking

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    What is the best way to start deer stalking

    Hi guys please can some one advise me in how I can start Deer stalking and what is the cost involved

    Many thanks

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    Find someone near to you who takes out guests, get a recommendation on this site, and book yourself some stalking. You will probably be expected to bring reasonable outdoor clothing and binoculars but some stalkers may be able to lend you the binoculars at least. Cost will depend on what you want to shoot and where - a day at red stags might cost more than 500 whereas a stalk for female lowland deer should come in at maybe 50 - 100 depending on the exact arrangements etc. Female deer are always the best value for money and would be where I would suggest a beginner should start.

    Once you have had a few "paid stalks" with someone taking you out onto their ground then you can start thinking about maybe looking to buy a rifle or other gear but the sport isn't for everyone so you can learn and lot and see if you like it for not much cash by booking some paid stalks.

    Can you shoot? Have you ever fired a centrefire rifle?
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    Thank you very much caorach for your prompt reply.Yes i do have experience in shooting ie army shooting riffles.Can you advice me on cost of riffles,riffle scopes.

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    K - you've made a good start by joining SD

    It would help people give reasonable advice if you could maybe expand your introduction post a little so they have a better understanding of you and your interests & circumstances.

    A good first move would be to consider joining a body like the BDS - they will have a regional branch that likely offers events, gatherings, training etc - and not least the chance to make contact with like minded people.

    I appreciate cost can be an issue - but its a very broad pew - ultimately it can be as little or as much as your circumstances allow - I know that's not very helpful overall, but is a truism!
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    If you do not know anybody who goes stalking the best thing to do would be to do paid stalks there are a few in your area who do roe and muntjac stalking ill pm you the details of a good one if you so wish, rifles scopes etc is a case of how long is a piece of string type of answer to be honest, do you have an FAC?

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    If you give us a rough idea of where abouts you are then i'm sure we'll be able to recommend some stalking for you.

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    I live near Peterborough.Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kastoras View Post
    I live near Peterborough.Thank you.
    If I were you (and i was in your position about a year ago!!), you could do much worse than get in touch with Jason (muntjacstalker on this site). He has plenty of munties on his land (you'll see loads if you go out with him!) and his prices are pretty good.

    Link below

    About us - Muntjacstalker

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    Thank you Mongoose for your reply please pm me.

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    Kastora, what is vital is to make sure you do not go with the first 'pro stalker' you come across or is local to you. When you do go out, like caroch said, make sure you state from the off that you are NOT interested in trophy animals, just cull animals. Do not buy any gear as yet, as you maybe not like stalking after all. Once you have had a few outings and you know you like it, come back and ruin a search on this website for 'starting in stalking' or 'equipment'. loads of useful threads. All the best and welcome...

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