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Thread: Ruger m77 mk2 .243

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    Ruger m77 mk2 .243

    hi guys, ive been a S/D member for a while but havnt posted much, ive been waiting for my FAC application to be sorted, it dropped on the mat yesterday so now i need to get my self a rifle, i have the option of a little used 2nd hand ruger with a t8 mod and simmons white tail scope, it will mainly be used for roe and muntjac stalking with a bit of foxing, i was told that the m77 doesnt like 100gn ammo, does anybody have any knowledge of this or any advise on the rifle, 500 the lot so seems a bargain if it will shoot the ammo i want to use.


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    I don't mean to be a wet rag on a Picasso, but if I were you I'd try my best to avoid the Ruger. I recently shipped a handful of M-77Mk2 main springs to a fellow who seems to be repairing a lot of these lately. Aside from that, the funky bedding system of the Ruger can give a person fits.

    I know that I will now be assailed with stories of accurate Rugers but in my experience, having rebarreled many of them over the years, they are a "hit or miss" proposition with regards to accuracy. ~Muir

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    The ones I know seem 50:50 (similar experience to Muir)
    A 6.5x55 took a lot of work to get to shoot halfway, a new 223 that never shot well at all and was a total dud, sold again.
    A 220 swift that shoots very well and a 25-06 that shoots very well.
    For us it is always a bit of a hassle to change rifles with the licence running around, thats why maybe invest wisely in the rifle. Scopes and moderators can be changed easily.
    I'd prefer almost anything else, Howa, Remmy, tikka, sako, CZ and so on.


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    cheers guys i think i will revise my plan and get a remmy 700, i dont like plastic guns so it will probably be BDL classic walnut and blued metal


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    i tried out the ruger M77 tonight with some Hornady 100gn btsp's to see if it would shoot them or not before i turned it down, got a 1"ish group at 100yds which i was well chuffed with, a better shot would have got a better group, he wants 400 its fired less than 100 shots and comes with a T8 mod and a Simmons white tail 3-10x40 scope and for another 50 quid he'll throw in 100 rounds, cleaning kit and a scoped rifle slip, so i think i'm going to get it, its a bargain and i have to stick to a fairly tight budget. i dont know how to post a pic so i cant show the group


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    Not the same I know but I have had a Ruger M77 in 25.06 black plastic for over 10 years with a T8.

    In all honesty it is a good rifle and up to now has never let me down, and it has taken a lot of deer. Having used it in Scotland on Reds and Sika. In England on CWD, Muntjac, Roe and Fallow. And I have also taken it to Africa and shot plains game with it.

    On Stags it shoots 120g and on smaller species and hinds 100g.


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    On a tight budget, why not. Zero it properly, practice a bit and get going, instead of saving for ages.


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    i have a ruger M77 mk 2 in .243 win. It used to be a stutzen but shot like sh**. i cut the stock shorter, floated the barrell and now it is really accurate. it shoots hornadies interlock very well (2450). It hated speers 105gr spitzer.

    However, you MUST MUST MUST make sure the action is bedded according to the manual-

    but apart from that it sounds like a good deal to get you in the field.


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    Surprized at the problems that some of you have had with Rugers. In 76 I bought one for my daughters first rifle in 7x57mm. Was anexcelent rifle for her. She probably shot 40 deer with it before handing it down to one of her sons who's stilling killing deer with it. When my son turned 12 I bought him one in .257 Roberts, he killed a pile of deer with befor handing it down to his oldest son. I shoot a No. 1 in 45-70 and kills deer out to 150 yards with no problems. Will say the 77s I bought for son and daught were not MK IIs, they weren't out yet.

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    Ditto, I had a 22-250 grouped well and harvested alot of Roe Deer in Scotland.However I currently have a Ruger in .22WMR which just didn't want to play ball until I got hold of some 50 gn Federal ammo and its now grouping well.

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