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    Made me laugh

    went out this aft for a roe, needed for the shoot dinner next week, went to my mates about half a mile away, but drove round the long was as the ditch is full and about 6 foot across,

    anyway parked well away, snuck up the back of the main drainage run, (saw a kingfisher and loads of teal), as I got to where I was expecting the deer to be, half a dozen mallard jumped up noisily from the pond,
    I then saw the rumps of the deer as they legged it, hoping they had only gone a few yards I carried on, spotted one through the bushes so stalked in, got to 50 yds and a clear shot was on, trouble was it was a buck so out of season until april,
    carried on and got to 30 yds of him, he kept looking up at me, and I froze, as he looked down to feed I gained ground,
    at 20 yds he was looking worried, he came towards me, got to under 10yds,
    when I said "Hello you don't know what I am do you?" it was like an electric shock to him, his feet started running on the spot like a cartoon, he cleared the ditch and took off over the next field,
    the does were 300 yds away, no backstop and not safe to shoot, by the time I snuck up to them to be in with a shot, they had crossed the boundary and were heading for my drive, I could have stayed at home,
    my time will come,

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    Haha, nice one. Reminds me of a video I watched very recently where a very experienced Sika hunter stays still and basically talks to a young stag at around 15 meters, for a godd 5 minutes, before it decides to walk off slowly. He calls it all sorts of names and it just gets more curious. The guy was taking pics so not hunting at the time.

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    funny wire up

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