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Thread: Wild boar calibre

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    Wild boar calibre

    What's the best wild boar calibre.(Not driven boar).Would .308 do the job.



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    308win works great for me, although the .30 mags offer a reassuring kill (but thats more driven stuff..) Just choose a bullet with a suitably heavy construction.

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    A 150gr out of any .30 cal in the head's going to nip a bit, prime chest is lethal but expect a run. What you see from the vids is pretty conclusive in that a well placed bullet to the upper half of the forward quarter of the pig will drop it whether it's a .270 up to an .375 etc. Anything heart or lungs takes off a bit and collapses

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    from what i heard at the south yorkshire meet up, dunt sound like shot placement would be a problem for pirate hunter lol

    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    John D M who shot a lot of boar before emigrating to NZ used a 30.06 and was very confident of it, I dropped two on the spot with his rifle, one at 150 yards and the other at 20 yards, and they didn't run at all. Mind you he had a .475 for back up!!! The Home Office guidelines give .270 as the minimum calibre and with 150grn I'm sure this is fine.

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    I have done very well over several years with a Remington .308 using ordinary Sierra 150grn soft point bullets on both driven and from a high seat.
    Some of these 'highly recommended hard expesive' bullets are good for penetration but do not always expand enough over some of the shorter ranges to give a good blood trail if a follow up is needed.
    I now use a 30-06 and am using the same bullets, although recently have gone over to Sierra 180grn round nose soft point bullets and not noticed any difference.
    So back to the question in post one - yes a .308 is not only suitable, it is ideal for use against wild boar.

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    As stated .270 is the guidance as a minimum but if its stalked I would say 6.5x55 with good bullets / placement (if you are a competent shot) or larger if its available to you. A friend of mine shoots boar down south regularly and he uses a .270 stalking (and driven - but I wouldn't recommend it for driven to the uninitiated)


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    I would say a .308 would be perfect for the job, a very nice calibre. I use a 30.06 and a 300win mag. that's personal choice only but works for me.



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    .308 and .270 both worked for me.........

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    Yep Paul K, the 30-06 did work rather well , and so did the 458 (not 475)

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