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    Has anybody got any good or bad things to say about the various Assessment Centres locations throughout the UK prior to me registering?

    I have obviously heard various things about Assessment Centres for the Level 1 just wondered if people had any good or bad things about L2 Centres.



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    PM a user on here called Alan, he can tell you where to definately not go. Why don't you just book in with the BDS or with BASC. I can witness you once you get back from your tour. Hopefully I will be able to get you out when you get back.


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    Barony College 01387 860251

    You can register with Barony college near Dumfries who are great. I'd go with Barony because they can get you an ILA grant which they will help arrange for you worth 200. This pays for registration and then the remainder can be used towards level 2 training which can be provided if you wanted it.

    If you earn less than 22k a year and live in scotland you can definately get the grant. Other people I know are doing that. Give them a call.

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    I cannot agree with roe steak on this!
    I would rather cut of my testicles with a chainsaw than go there.

    If I had to do my DMQ again and that was the only assessment centre I would have to give up deerstalking..
    Nothing wrong with the college just CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS...

    There are others on this site who have had experiences they would prefer to forget....

    I don't want to say anymore it just makes me really really pissed off!


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    Hey griff that cool cause you do probably know more than me about the college but I was only talking about people I shoot with that have done dsc1 and have registered for level 2 there. Two friends did dsc one and registered for 2 using the grant.

    Sorry you're not with me on that one no need to explain.

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    I think that is the place I am thinking of Griff that has got a bad rep for some individuals. In fact I know of one guy that is putting in a complaint against one of the verifiers.

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    well thats interesting griff we used to run together for 6 years or so and I remember you taking your assessment at the barony. Well you must have had them cut off or can you actually name said person. I wonder who it might be. hmmm I also remember you coming back for your ATV couse only a few years ago cant be that bad!!

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    Hi Jingzy, two of my stalking friends did level one at Barony and registered right away for level 2 there. They seem well pleased with the people there who run things but I can understand that some people don't get on now and again.

    I can put you in touch with my friends if you want there opinion as mine is second hand. pm if you want

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    We are quite small and have two verifiers and I am one of them. So if you have something to say, say it I dont hide behind parapets. We have passed our external verification with DMQ recently and I am sure I would have heard about it. Also I was talking to our external verifier at the CLA. So if something is to be said lets have it out rumors and gossip cause nothing but harm.
    As for griff there is no hidden secret for those that know me there is bad feeling between us, so I expect nothing less.
    As with all orginisations nothing is perfect but we have enough satisfied clients which speaks for itself.


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    Griff I'm disappointed.

    Normally I just read through the posts here but I have to say having read through this thread that I need to make a comment. I started helping out with DSC training at Barony last year and have spent time with all those involved in DMQ provision over the last year and a bit.

    As far as I can see the team at the college are spot on and very friendly. DSC candidates are given lots of support and all at Barony are easy to get hold of and talk to.

    Whatever personal issues you have with any members of the Barony team is your business but we see what you're trying to do. It's disappointing that someone who's posting has always seemed very knowledgeable and is of value would lower themselves to try and put people off doing their DMQ levels at Barony because of a personal grudge. Who are you helping griff?

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