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Thread: Economy slings

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    Economy slings

    Does any one know if economy rifle slings are any good?

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    is that a make?

    if you mean a cheap one, whats to go wrong?

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    Yes it's cheap ones,garlands make one for 7.95

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    Got one one on my air rifle, it's ok but wouldn't want to carry a heavy rifle on it for a long time.

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    Thanks,what is a good make of sling?

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    The only thing that concerns me is how strong the fixings are etc when you have a 1000's of scope sat on top of your rifle should there be a problem and your rifle hits the floor your cheap sling all of a sudden becomes a very expensive one, now I'm Not saying there are no capable economy slings just something to consider that's all.......

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    You don't need to spend much on a sling; for a long time, I used a sling I made at home from 5 strands of washing line that I plaited together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drosin View Post
    Does any one know if economy rifle slings are any good?
    Message me your address and I'll send one to you , I have a couple knocking about

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    seat belt
    cost: 50p for the clips

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