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Thread: there are still bargains to be had !

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    there are still bargains to be had !

    i was out with a mate this morning to help him zero his new (to him rifle) , he has'nt got all the gold in the world and his total kit for rifle , scope and mod come to just under £400 .

    the rifle is a brno with a mauser action in 270 win in bloody good nick for its age (late 1980`s at a guess), i gave him the mounts , a hawke scope and a pes mod and using my 140gn barnes tsx load produced a 3 shot group in .5 MOA . !

    certainly not to be sniffed at so all you lads who are new to stalking and think you need all the expencive kit , you bloody well dont !

    buy on a budget and spend the change on some guided stalking with one of the proffessionals on here , it will be money well spent .
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    How right you are Lee!

    I popped on something similar on a post for an older Sako rifle for sale and basically suggested that because it was not in a recent test in a shooting magazine they are looked over.

    I know with experience and a bit of saving over the years we (including me) tend to upgrade (on paper at least) but to what benefit at the end of the day?

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    Its good to indulge in accurate rifles, handloading perfect loads etc
    but at the end of the day you need to be able to stalk and shoot reliable 2 inch groups
    from any position. even a worn out .303 will do this if you can.
    most problems come from the scope and mounts not holding a zero.
    all rifle hunters need to try hunting with a bow, to appreciate what a rifle can do

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