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Thread: Schmidt and Bender 4-16x50 Long Range. 30mm Mint.

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    Schmidt and Bender 4-16x50 Long Range. 30mm Mint.

    I love the scope, but I am after something that I can "dial in" with. I find myself having a go at longer range targets and fancy a Nightforce/Zeiss/Swarovski or similar. The scope is mint and has a butler creek cover on the big end. Glass is fantastic, tried it side by side with my mates brand new Zeiss Victory HT Scope. No difference at all in clarity. The Reticule is the A9, lovely and fine with a circle around the crosshairs. I would keep it if it had target turrets. I would value it at around £900.
    If anyone is after a swap then please let me know.
    Thanks, James.

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    If you can't flog it then Schmit can retrofit the target turrets and change the reticule. I had this done on a 3-12x50 which now has a P4 reticule and BDC turrets.

    Good luck with the sale though.
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    I have a night force nix 5.5-22 x56 np2-dd ceracoated in graphite colour by jäger


    pm me

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