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Thread: Old fashioned values ?

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    Old fashioned values ?

    I was fortunate enough to shoot a doe on Friday evening. I saw her, planned my stalk, carried it out to the best of my ability and when in a firing position steadied myself, careful of technique, my breathing, my background, squeezed the trigger gently. The doe dropped where she stood. I gralloched her and carried her back to the car and then back home where I could finish the preperation of the beast as I was selling her.

    In the larder at the customer my eye was drawn to 3 sorry looking beasts that were hanging together. In fact I smelt them before I saw them. Every one had been gut shot, in one case twice. They were undersize and had been butchered in the gralloching and skinning process. No attempt had been made to clean them and parts of the throat etc were still hanging from them.

    This has been under my skin now for a few days and I need to get it off my chest. I was taught over many years how to stalk, about nature, my surroundings and my quarry. As a result I understand the responsibility I have as a stalker that when I take a life I must do it to the best of my ability, use all my skills, in order that the beast, who's life I have taken, does not suffer. Are my values old fashioned ? Are we to become what the anti shooting brigade say we are, mindless idiots running around in the countryside, dressed in camo shooting anything that moves as long as we can turn a coin ?

    I for one find the utter disrespect shown to those beasts in that freezer abhorant and for people who take life in such a casual and thoughtless manner I have nothing but contept.

    Rant over, feel better now.

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    Sounds like they were 'cleaned' in a hurry. Poached perhaps?

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    It never fails to astound me, the state people are willing to present a carcass.

    a local hotel owner asked me a while back if I thought it was ok for him to buy a deer of someone, which had been in the back of a pick up for 3 days! He wasn,t worried about age but the fact that there was fuel and power saws in with it!
    i pointed him in the direction of a reputable game dealer!

    I think generally things are better but still not always perfect.

    presure has to be put on dealers, not to take in badly prepared carcasses.

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    Totally agree with all that you say David T, I to take pride in a good presentable carcass for my own satisfaction and to do 'right' by the beast. If a client badly shoots a deer I would not present it to the game dealer but butcher it myself and give the cuts away.I know that some stalkers do not wash out the carcass but a simple wipe out with a kitchen towel at least would be more acceptable.

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    I have just butchered a roe doe that I took with a clean heart shot last Thursday evening. She was well larded in fat and had two youngsters in her womb. I always feel a little pang of guilt with does that have young in them at this time of year but felt better as she did not suffer and was taken cleanly. However I have just removed over twenty shotgun pelets from one of her haunches!! Some idiot having a go with a shotgun at a fleeing deer!! Im afraid this is the world we live in at the moment. I agree 100% with you regarding some peoples attitudes to deer and the values or total lack of them that they have towards them. Deer are worth our respect in life and death and are a wonderfull adversary. They taste good too. Just realy pees me off how some idiots treet them. Another rant over. FM.
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    I agree that end users, be it dealers, butchers, restaurants etc should not be buying in that condition. However, the person who shot those beasts didn't care about what he was doing or the beast he was shooting. All 3 were gut shot, one was shot the gut ! A bloody mess.

    I am sure we have all seen or heard it. A kick to the head of a downed animal quickly followed by the question " how many more will we shoot " For you old son, none. A massively casual disregard for our sport, our quarry and the skills you need to learn. Really pi55es me off.

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    [QUOTE=fallowm,oor;527737]I have just butchered a roe doe that I took with a clean heart shot last Thursday evening. She was well larded in fat and had two youngsters in her womb.
    I once shot a red hind with a perfectly formed youngster in the womb never seen one that far advanced before, I must say it took me back a bit,felt really bad for days.
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    Just a thought David T but if the larder these 3 gut shot animals were hanging in belonged to an establishment that in turn intends to sell these on in any form, would an anonymous call to the local council hygiene officers woukd be due? I woukd like the 'trained hunter' who inspected these carcases to explain his/herself!

    Just my 2p worth but if all gane handling business felt a little more pressure it may cut down on options for the sort of people responsible for this to get money for their brutality.



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    I was tempted about a year back, when a not so local butcher to me asked if I could supply him with a bit of venison. I replied that I couldn't I had not got the ticket then, he without hesitation said he didn't mind and added he would only take head and neck shot animals. The first bit pissed me off thinking of poachers selling him their venison for a quick quid, and then the head and neck shooting stipulation just really got me. I just walked out and never used him since, but was tempted to dob as you say.

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    It might not be the fault of the shooter i shot one badly yesterday no excuses that's just how it happen,s I also shoot in areas were the deer need to be removed with the minimum of fuss. On the road home i phoned the game establishment and it was decided to drop the deer off on our way passed save a double journey and also got the deer in to a chilled area a lot quicker.
    So if the dealer will take them and is happy with them this way they either must be OK or he is at fault and should have sent the shooter home with them.

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