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Thread: Help required - Bushnell Legend zeroing

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    Help required - Bushnell Legend zeroing

    I have spent the morning zeroing my new Bushnell legend scope. I am an inch to the right and about three inches high, at 100 metres.

    Just used the last of my ammo.

    Can anyone tell me this - on the scope dial does turning the dial right as it says on the wheel move the point of impact right or does it move the cross hairs right?

    Also when you turn the dial "up" is it bringing the crosshairs up or the point of where the bullet strikes up?

    I talked to a few friends who are snipers and they said there are scopes on the market that do opposite to what the dial readings describe.

    Has anyone got experience of this, especially those with the same brand ie Bushnell Legend.
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    I have no knowledge of this particular 'scope but I have never personally seen any that were not 'move the next hole' ie: if you want the next strike to be higher you move the dial 'up'.

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    I had a Bushnell Legend on an HMR a few years ago, not a bad wee scope for the money.

    If your aiming at the centre of a bullseys for example and your bullet strike is an inch low and two inches right . . you need to give your scope a couple of clicks 'up' {elevation} and a few clicks to the 'left' {windage} . . .

    If I remember correctly the Legend was 1cm per click at 100m.



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    If you do it this way it doesn't matter which way the turrets turn or how they're marked.

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