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Thread: Doctor unipoint scopes

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    Doctor unipoint scopes

    Been offered a Doctor unipoint scope 3-12x50 IR.
    Has anyone any info on these? Price is around the £1100 mark.

    Or should i just buy another Swarovski?

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    They're both amazing optically, get the one you prefer but shop around because certain dealers will undercut 'average' and other dealer prices to the point where they sell them at very little profit and save you plenty.

    The question you need to ask yourself is really what specification of scope is best for your calibre of rifle and personal preferances considering reticule type etc.

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    Sako 85

    I have 3 swarvorskis on my centerfires, I shoot 2 older style PV's & one new Z6, but id you PM ReMington, he has a Unpoint & I am sure he will give you the lowdown on them, as I had thought about one myself until I managed to pick up a new Z6 or £800!

    Will get back to you on date also when I get chance to have a look at the bookings.

    Regs Lee

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    Hi Sako

    Ive got a Docter on my rifle so if were out again soon you can take a look..

    Picked up a bargain from Lambert and Wiltshire at Ringwood..

    Im up with Lee on the 3rd so if you are about give me a bell and we can meet up


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    Ok thanks guys. I won't be back at my computer until Tuesday i think.

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    Hi Sam,

    I bought a 3-12 x 56 unipoint from Martin (reMington) on this sight. Absolutely chuffed to bits with it. Nice fine point on it that is dimmable (there is also memory for the dimmness). V clear optics. I can't speak for the 50 , but the 56 in low light is very bright particularly if you turn down the mag. Try and go for the one with a 4-0 reticle ,gives you a bit more of a referance. If you want to pop in and check mine out your welcome.

    regards George

    PS I think that optics warhouse have some unipoints on offer well under retail price.

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