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Thread: Most over rated calibre

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    Most over rated calibre

    It's the 204. I have one and I just do not no how you can compare to my 223 and the 22-250 .

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    Prey continue we have heard such rave reviews of the 204 what was your conclusion ?
    Norma (22.250) user

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    6.5x55 Tin hat now on lol

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    No different to rave reviews about any other calibre for use on deer or foxes. if used within their limitations all are good and capable, but folk naturally rave about what they own.

    I have shot a lot of deer and foxes with a 22-250. Love the calibre. A 50grn bullet doing almost 4000fps kills foxes very well. How in noticeable terms can that realistically be bettered? Something a wee bit faster means a tad flatter. what, 0.1 of an inch?

    Folk tend to forget that impressive figures at the muzzle count for bugger all down range if a bullet sheds its speed very quickly, unless of course all the foxes are getting shot at 30yds away...

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    223 and. 22.250 hit a lot harder. The 204 is affected by wind. For foxing it would not be 204.

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    .17 HMR without a doubt!

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    I personally think it's the .243. Even though it's so common and so many shooters rate it I just have a pet hate for it! It's designed to throw bullets that are too light for deer use yet it's the base calibre that almost every new stalker thinks they should get as it's small and looks good to the firearms departments.

    If you need 100gr bullets for Scotland why buy a gun that's on the very limits of it's design when using them? 6.5x55 is far better, as are most of the other rounds out there.

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    .243 Because its the minimum calibre for all deer dont make it the one but try telling the English cops that lol. So we now have loads on the market and boys trying to do a great job with pound shop tool,s

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    .17 HMR without a doubt!
    I could see this.~Muir

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    6.5x55 big girls calibre


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