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Thread: First squib

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    First squib

    Out tonight bashing bunnies and the first shot through the Sako quad with the .22 barrel on and its a squib.
    Took the bolt out, checked it was clear, then carried on.
    I usually use Eley subs but bought some Remmington subs to try..
    Anyone had similar issues with Remmy subs?
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    About 10 years ago I did a comparison between various subs for accuracy and performance on 5# clay blocks. The Remington ammo -in several lots- was so bad that I excluded it from further testing. I got up to 245 fps variance in velocity at one point. Won't shoot the stuff now.~Muir

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    Ive shot 240 out of a batch of 500 bought. I'll finish them off and stick to Eleys or Lapua in future.
    Below is a link to my website.
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    My first choice for .22 subsonic are Eley.

    If I cannot get them I use Winchester

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    I agree with saddler -- Eley first choice Winchester 2nd.

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    Remington Subsonics have never performed well for me, I chrono'd a lot of ammo recently and the Remingtons hade some pretty large deviations! Doesnt help accuracy much!

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