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Thread: Salt lick, deer feeds ?

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    Salt lick, deer feeds ?

    Looking to put some licks or feed down due the hard weather and wanted to know what you lot use. Can't afford to spend 40 a block from bush wear. It's only for roe. They take a bit of wheat from the feeds but are poor condition so would like to bulk them up. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    We just used apple salt blocks (two quid each) and poured molasses over them.

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    Where do you get apple salt blocks from

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    Just google for equine/horse/supplies/feed. I will find a link in the morning.

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    Salt Lick Block Apple 2kg-Hyperdrug

    Edit: Bushwear will ALWAYS have your pants down.
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    If you want a salt block these are what you want (10kg block)KNZ Wild Mineral Licks - Hockham Deer Management Group Norfolk Stalking Thetford Forest
    I have recently started trying them so can't give much feedback. They will not bulk up your animals though, you will need to feed them to do that.

    Good luck

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    Pony carrots about 2 a sack from the market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deako View Post
    Cheers Deako. Just ordered some of their apple blocks. I'll stick them out on my ground next month and I'll let you know how they go.

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    Combined molassed vitamin and mineral from local farm store 18 per 22kg bucket, or Rocky reds 2kg salt licks 3:50 each from farm stores. Also used the bushwear 2kg aniseed blocks, Roe love them, especially when rain washes the salt down the tree trunk. Had good results with them all, but don't expect instant results. If you can get hold of some, whole Sugar beet is good

    As said before, the licks may give them a boost, but if they are in bad condition then there are lots of things that could cause poor condition such as available food quality, fluke burden, etc, etc

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    whole maize from harbro,reds and roe love it,it is like sweets to them,plus the kibble feeds the small birds.

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