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Thread: 15 year old Daughter - my new lamping buddy

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    15 year old Daughter - my new lamping buddy

    Was giving my lab a quick walk before dinner tonight, we were just getting home when I shone my torch into the field next to my house and there seemed to be eyes everywhere I stuck the dog in the kennel and rushed in to get my rifle. I didn't want to waste any time fitting a lamp on top of the rifle so I asked my daughter to come with me and hold the lamp. When we got to the gap in the hedge where I had seen the foxes earlier there were still two set of eyes in the field, they were both in an area of bog grass bobbing in and out of view, one stopped long enough to take a shot, the eyes flickered and disappeared I told her to keep the lamp on the other which was running away from us up the hill I squeaked and it abruptly turned around and ran towards us, I kept the crosshairs on it and took the shot when it stopped for a couple of seconds. This time it was instant lights out and I was in no doubt that it was down, my daughter was really exited and we jumped over the fence to recover them, now anyone who has tried to find a shot fox in rushes will know that it can be a nightmare to find them we thought they were about 50 yards apart and halfway up the field but after 15 minutes of searching I was beginning to think I had missed the two of them. We decided to go back to the house get another torch and my lab daisy and take our bearings and try again, we searched where we thought they were for about 20 mins with no luck when suddenly the dog took a line away from where we were and started marking what I thought was a mole hill, but when I checked it out there, in the open were both foxes no more than 4 feet apart dead where they dropped, with them running about in circles we had completely mismarked them, because they were so close together we named them bonny and clyde and took a few photos. My daughter was so exited about our hunt she has told all her friends about it and has even got me some permission on a friends farm as long as she can come too, all in all one of the most fun hunts I have ever had.
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    Nice work!
    I think it's a good idea to get the youngsters involved. I've taken several spectators/helpers out over the years with varying success rates. All have enjoyed it tho

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    Next thing will be " Can I have a go dad?" Followed up some time later by "When you going to get me my own rifle dad?"

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    Nice write up mate, I took my 13 year old son with me and trying to watch him work the lamp and text on his blackberry at the same time was amusing. He loves being out and about but just got a new girlfriend so she was priority that night.

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