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Thread: Leupold Long Range Tactical 3.5-10x40 Mildot Reticle

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    Leupold Long Range Tactical 3.5-10x40 Mildot Reticle

    Here we have for sale a Leupold Long Range Tactical 3.5-10x40 this is one of the older and apparently higher quality Leupold tacticals before they re-badged it the Mk4 Long Range Tactical. This came on a 22-250 I bought a few months back and had been on it since new. I did a check of the serial no (see pic for serial number if you wish to check with Leupold) with Leupold and they said the scope was manufactured in 2001 by them. The glass is in crisp & clear pristine condition and the origional butler creek covers are still on it. There is a few small nicks of paint missing on the turrets as you will see from the pictures. The tube itself is in very good condition with a couple of shiny bits that were where the rings were but not really noticeable. The tube is 30mm if you require any further information please feel free to ask and any inspection is welcome. I am only selling it as a relitive newbee I prefer the ease of fixed scope and bought a 8x50 Swaro last week from an SD member. See link for spec Details of scope are etched on the ring on objective lense but dont show in photograph.

    £400 Posted, before it goes on my .22lr
    Attachment 24939Attachment 24942Attachment 24946Attachment 24945Attachment 24943Attachment 24944Attachment 24940Attachment 24941

    Am also going to be driving down from Inverness to just outside London this weekend if that helps anyone.
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    Bump & Price Drop.

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    Bump & price drop

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    Bump & price drop.

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    flash, I can have a mate buy it in the US and post as a gift for £600 brand new. I know it doesn't compare to buying in the UK, but here are my thoughts anyway. I can get it for £600 new, this one is 12 years old, so in my mind must've devalued by more than £200, even though I know you probably paid a heck of a lot more for it when you got it her in the UK. on those grounds, I will offer you £200.

    I understand if you don't wish to sell it at that, but that's my offer, I'm sure others might pay more, but better to have some offers than none, right?

    all the best


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    If posted as a gift you'll still need to factor the VAT into your mathematics as you will only save the duty. I know from experience.

    Kind regards,


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    depends what value is declared

    Quote Originally Posted by Tim1 View Post

    If posted as a gift you'll still need to factor the VAT into your mathematics as you will only save the duty. I know from experience.

    Kind regards,


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    PKL I see where your coming from on the front of buying things from the US substantially cheaper but not everyone has the luxury of having someone to do that for them. If that was the way everyone bought there equipement surely they would never sell new for just under £1000 as they are currently retailing for in the Uk in legitimate gun stores. As far as I am aware this model is near the top of the Leupold manufacturing tree and is pitched as being a 'military grade' scope. And for peace of mind I believe there scopes come with a lifetime warranty so irrespective of age if its in good condition and not damaged like this one then there is many years of use ahead!

    I quote from Leupolds website:-
    "Leupold® Mark 4® riflescopes are built to a higher standard. In fact, we build them like our lives depend on them, because we know yours will. Incredible accuracy. Impeccable optical quality. Outstanding ruggedness and absolute waterproof integrity. Leupold Mark 4 riflescopes excel in even the worst conditions, including the rigors of competition and hunting"

    I am in no hurry for the money and going by recent sales of the same scope it looks like it will just be a case of waiting till its what someone wants.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    depends what value is declared
    Fingers crossed it doesn't go missing and you have to claim on the insurance then.

    Kind regards,


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    Wee bump. Any sensible offers?
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