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Thread: What brass?

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    What brass?

    Just starting out loading 223, looking to buy brass. Is there much difference between Lapua and remmington apart from the price? Lapua is about 63 and remmi 43 for 100. This difference could account for alot if powder/bullet heads . Will Lapua give me more firings so it will be cheaper in the long run?

    Thanks for any help.


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    I've just gone down this route too, the lapua brass I bought has much less capacity then the remmy stuff I'm already using so I've had to go back to the drawing board. I think that lapua brass I got is old(but still brand new) as its in a blue plastic box so maybe the newer stuff is different. Don't know if I'll get to use mine or not now.

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    not 223 but I personally think Lapua is harder and thicker which is why it is expensive.
    this comes with positives and negatives

    it will last longer and probably take higher pressures (the bulk of their own cartridge designs are significiantly higher SAMMI/CIP ratings)
    it will work harden quicker than some softer brasses

    I moved from Lapua to Norma in 243 (the only calibre I have experience of Lapua)
    mainly down to the number of firings before I was getting lack of obturation and the cases required annealing.
    I may have been unlucky but after as few as 3 or 4 firings for lapua I was losing neck seal

    I have some 7 and 8 times fired Norma in .270 that has never been annealed

    My reloading is simple, neck size, trim when required, stuff and fill, fire. repeat as necessary.

    I suspect Lapua is better suited to the case weighers and neck turners and possibly provides a more stable and stronger platform for more ..."attentive" reloading.

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