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Thread: Cheap .270 95 ??!!??

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    Cheap .270 95 ??!!??

    Anyone looking for a CHEAP .270?
    I have a Remmington Sportsman 78 for sale.
    To be honest I have not even fired it but would be happy to try a few rounds if anyone was interested just to check the grouping etc.
    It has a 3 shot internal mag (no floor plate either) , seems in decent condition for its age.
    Plenty of small marks to stock and some fading of the bluing but its certainly not terrible (I have used much worse). Bolt cycles smoothly. Not screwcut.
    Currently has a meopta 6x42 sat on top but can come with or without.
    Please pm with email address if you would like pics.

    PRICE: 95 without scope

    OR 200 with the Meopta.
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    You have PM
    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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    can I have the Meopta for 105 if someone doesnt want it..please!?

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    I think I have replied to al of the messages, please msg ma again if you didnt get pics.
    I will also amend the ad to say that it has a 3 round internal mag


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