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    as title says looking for a T4 over barrel for 223

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    Hi luggsy
    I have a T4 that is stamped BNP for .223 rem

    It has done very little work as i bought it to go on my Cz .22 Hornet and have not had time to use it .

    It has had less than 180 shots through it if that ? since new.and comes with a neoprene cover. yours if you want it. 130.00

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    That's a decent price luggsy,

    My 2nd hand T8 1/2 UNF was 140 BNP proofed - Just be aware that buying one that is not proofed could land you in trouble. A mate of mine was severly bollocked for trying to sell one that he bought brand new for his .270.


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    hi PM him just waiting for him to get back to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by luggsy
    hi PM him just waiting for him to get back to me

    have not receved PM ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo
    Just be aware that buying one that is not proofed could land you in trouble.
    explain please??

    i've had 2 t4's, a t8, a pes and a jetz.. none have been proofed and i've never been near the naughty step in my life - honest

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    REIVER can you send me your tel number ,i have sent you 3 PMs don't know what i am doing wrong

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    Pm sent hope that you get it ?


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    picked it up today as described thanks bob

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    I bought a brand new T8 from Jacksons, on selling it with the rifle all went well then l got a call from the buyer saying that the T8 wasn't proofed and that he'd been spot checked and to expect a call?!

    Two days later l had a call from my own FEO who said that as the Mod hadn't been proofed to the rifle in effect l was selling a unproofed (licenced part) a firearm. Obviously the T8 was on my ticket and was tranfered correctly and he admitted it wasn't often followed up correctly - nor is the law clear on it. But effectively what he was saying was that a mod should be proofed to a gun to enable it to be sold 2nd hand.

    I think it was just that the buyers Police authority firearms office didn't have enough work and was doing things by the letter. Since then l also heard that getting a mod proofed gives it a code which then goes on your licence???? both my mod's have N (something, something) as their code. That must stand for No Visible marking or something.... (neither proofed to my guns - one is proofed and stamped '.223 rem' though.

    I have heard of other cases since like my mate who sold a near brand new set up Tik + Mod + Scope etc. and got a severe bollocking from North Wales Police for not having the Mod Proofed and then selling it 2nd hand...

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