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Thread: local Knowledge kidderminster and some help ?

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    local Knowledge kidderminster and some help ?

    hi all i have a acquaintance in Kidderminster a young lad early 20 he is a bricklayer by trade. i have only spoken to him over the phone and via email he has been ordering shooting equipment from us he has his DSC1 and a very small piece of land to shoot over where he helps out on a shoot doing a bit of Game Keeping ans looking after the poults etc.

    firstly he wants to go to a local range in the area if there is on where he can shoot out more the 100 yards his local range has a cap on at 2500fps.

    secondly this lad has still to shoot a deer and needs some help he has no restrictions on his cert and dose not need a mentor for his FAC. BJ is a willing lad that wants a leg up in the deer stalking world i have offered to take him to Scotland later in the season. he would love to go stalking with or with out a rifle.

    He is a brick layer some people have taken advantage of his skills in the past for an offer of a stalk at the end of his part of the job the stalk has never materialized .

    I have never met the lad face to face but he seams to be a decent enough lad on the phone etc but if someone can offer help to him then I'm sure you would meet him and make your own judgements i personally am not a fan of begging a place but this lad had the "P" taken so many times i feel he need a chance.

    all the best ash

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    has he tried minsterley range? not to far from kidderminster,tell him to phone them and check what days you can go on.i have not been over for a good while.sorry cant help with any stalking.i was over that part of the world the other day,theres some nice ground over there.good luck

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    As Tika 308 has said,Minsterley ranges could be worth looking up,they have ranges & I think they still have a stalking Syndicate at Much Wenlock,good luck

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    i am prepared to take the chance and offer this lad a chance to try and shoot his first deer with me aswell as develope his stalking skills and experience
    but what are you willing to exchange as a good will gesture
    i am after a holster for my .38, i know the design just neeed some one creditable to make it
    i hav some of Emma's work so i know the quality is exceptional
    just need to sort a deal out
    you asked for help and i am locall enough to help him
    get back to me and see what we can sort

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    Stone you have a PM Thank bud

    me thinks one young lad in kidderminster is going to be Very Happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ash243

    me thinks one young lad in kidderminster is going to be Very Happy
    Just for you Ash
    one happy BJ
    (His first deer ever, on his first ever stalk) jammy beggar

    what a night he had
    being a part of this (fallow and other roe shot by another site member)

    What a trully nice lad he is , i am really pleased to of met and helped him out

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    Well done Stone, I think his grin says it all..

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    what can i say but thank i had a phone call at 23:00 tonight he is over the moon

    first real stalk and what a result thanks mate

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    I have never seen anyone so much in all my days of taking people out for there first deer, well done stone i think both of us had a great night and he will remember that for ever. He also made a good job of dragging the fallow for me.
    He will be able to put his trophy up soon as i have just finished cleaning it up for him.

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