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    Hi I hope someone can help I'm after a firing pin for a O/U Felix sarasqueta any clues would be appreciated Bazil

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    Hi Bazil i think you may have a bit of a struggle on your hands for this one i believe not only is the gun no longer made in the factory they were made in but are not made either by the other factory that took over making them some years ago.

    however though if you know a very good engineering workshop you may be able to get one made and the hardening process is quite easy to do.

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    Any decent gunsmith wil make one. Circa 50 + vat

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    I got a gunsmith to make me a new one for mine
    then looked out for a cheap second hand one which I stripped for it parts as and when needed
    That is now sold
    It cost about 35 a few years ago

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    Cheers for that il pop to my local GS and see what they can do thanx again

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    Give John at cheshire gun room a shout he will sort it no prob's.

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