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Thread: Sako 85 Finnlight

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    Sako 85 Finnlight

    does anyone have any experience of using a finnlight in 308? My OH's saur isn't right for me (me being 5'4 and him being over 6' the size and balance is fine for him but not me - I can use it but am not comfortable with it) so I'm looking for something that fits me. I've got a spare 308 slot and had a look at a finnlight at the weekend and with a 20'' barrel it feels right but before I raid my piggy bank I thought I'd ask if anyone's got any feedback good or bad?

    I know it's advertised as being a good women's gun because of the weight and it looks as though the recoil is likely to be well absorbed by the butt pad construction (I'll be using a moderator anyway) but all the advertising in the world's not going to tell me much that I can't see for myself - apart from shooting one I find the best information comes from people who are already using the rifle.

    Many thanks for your help,


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    The sako finnlight in .308 is a good rifle, I've got one and very pleased with it, in fact I'm so pleased with it I'm spending some cash on sorting out the stock rather than sell it and buy another rifle.

    Only issue I have is with the stock but it's a personal thing.The stock isn't as good as the older 75 finnlight, the 75's stock is better design and quality is better, the 85 stock looks to have been built to a budget. But it's a personal thing and if it fit you well it fits.

    It's good accurate rifle out of the box, the magazine takes some getting us to as you have to push the mag up to drop it out.

    Mine doesn't seam to fussy about make of ammo either seams to shoot clover leaf groups at 100m with most brands of ammo. I've got a Jet Z can on the end and a Zeiss 3-12X 56 scope on it and it's well balanced and not to heavy to lump around all day. Trigger is okay.

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    Thanks Jason. Good to get some thoughts on the sako - it's going to be my first stalking rifle and very different to my other rifles so I'm doing my research before spending on this one.

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    No problem.


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    I'm sure the 85 Finnlight will be a good option. However, I believe that rifles can be too light and so I wouldn't rule out a standard 85 since the action is extremely svelte when compared side by side with the 75 and consequently is a light rifle in itself.



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    Hi, i'm sure the sako is a good rifle but i personally wouldnt have another 20" barrell since getting rid of my pro-hunter mountain and changing to R93's in .243 and .308, barrells both 23 1/2" and wearing a T4 moderator are very short.

    the extra 3 1/2" makes a difference!

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    Does anyone else shoot a 20" barrel? I shoot both 16" and 20" heavy barrelled 223 rifles (the shorter one's cleared for foxing) with approx 1 inch groups at 100 yards (1 1/2 inches on a bad day) but our 24" 308s (bought to fit my husband) don't balance well for me so I can't group as well with them which is why I'm thinking 20". Does anyone know of a gun dealers/shop in the south west that has facilities to actually try before you buy? My 223's were built to fit so I've not bought anything off the shelf before...

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    You lose a bit of velocity with the 20 inch barrel but because the barrel is fluted it cools quicker than a standard unfluted barrel retains the same stiffness because of the fluting. I don't know the physics behind it or infact the mechanics behind it but the barrel is stiffer than it shuold be for such a thin barrel and when you shot it lots the groups (10 plus rounds) do open up a bit and on a bad day you'll see a 1- 1 1/2 group at 100m.

    The short barrel does effect the velocity the round which in turn means that with federal 150 grn soft points if your zero at 100m you see a drop of 4-6 inches at 200m. I haven't got a chronograph so can't say for certain that velocity if effect but I suspect it is. I think you loose 150-200m/s over a rifle with a 24 inch barrel.

    Additonally I'm 5"10 and the stock on the 85 finnlight is short for me by 1/2 inch or so.

    Barrel length is important longer the barrel the higher the velocity for a given cailber as the bullet is pushed by the expanding gasses for the cartridge for longer velocity is important when your shooting 1000yrd plus as the drop is less for a given caliber however when stalking it isn't everything because your shooting max 250m.

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