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Thread: archer night vision or atn ps22

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    archer night vision or atn ps22

    As above guys and girls what the better unit for the money its 99% for foxing at sencable ranges also dose anyone near surrey have one i could have a look throughThanks for you advise adrian

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    Ok sussex fallow whats that one like please

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    What you going to use it on? Rifle wise.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    It could be used on anything from the .22 to the 260rem but mostly the 223 i guess

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    Just got an archer myself and i am very pleased with it,i considered the pvs.14 but it was a lot more money.

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    Got atn ps22 with photensis gen II+ tube. Very pleased with it and being front mounted means no issue with eye relief.

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    Just my 2p worth. I have an Archer grade D and have taken a few foxes up to 200 yards. There is a guy that shares one of my permissions and he has an Ps22. We both had a look though each others one night and we both agreed the archer was better. I found the field of view on the Ps22 narrow. And the Archer was more clearer. Plus with the Archer you can use it as a spotter then attach to shoot.
    That said if you can get hold of a good pvs14 buy one of them. Thats the route i will be going down very soon.
    The Archer is good for what it is and its under guarantee/ warranty in the UK so your covered.
    There will be a few night vision items coming out in the next month or so From Night Vision Gear and Pulsar etc so these could be worth a look too.

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    As a good all round unit, capable of fitting on to most scopes the Archer takes a lot of beating. With the Night Master 800 IR LED it does pretty well everything you need it to. There will be new stuff coming out but that will always be the case. If you get something that does the job that's all you need. The new yukon scope looks as if it may take over from the Nite Eye but they will surely come back with something else, and so it goes on.
    I've had an Archer for some years now and have no wish to change.

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    If you are coming to the Deerstalking Fair next month we will have a production Archer there mounted to a MTC Genesis to have a play with.



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