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Thread: Complete .233 set up

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    Complete .233 set up

    I have for sale my .223 rifle which is now surplus as I have a .243 to replace it. Set up as follows.

    Remington 700 SPS .223 screw cut and proofed to 18.5 inches. Lovely condition, I tried to load some pictures but the SD card wont work but I am sure any if you buy this set up you will agree it all looks like new.
    T12 Scout moderator also lovely condition
    Fitted to rifle are Leupold bases and 30mm med scope rings
    Rifle has had an Oversized Bolt Knob fitted.
    Uncle Mikes bullet holder on stock.
    Around 65 .224 bullets for reloading , 50 grain Blitskings
    100 brand new never fired PPU cases ( note some have been primed )
    Around 26 cases are fully loaded
    1/2 Pound of Benchmark powder.
    1000 small rifle primers
    2 x frankford arsenal plastic bullet boxes.
    1 x .223 modified case.
    1 leather Cobra rifle sling with QR clips.

    All this kit is in lovely condition and I wish to sell as a complete kit to someone who wishes to start foxing as a small deer rifle. As the rifle has been cut it handles great and is great both in the car, from a high seat or as a walking rifle when lamping. This rifle has not had alot of use, I estimate around 400 rounds?

    I will sell for 750

    Just found a picture or two of the rifle. Please note the stock in the picture is not the stock on the rifle now. It now has its original stock.
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    hi have u still got it forsale

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    Promised the variation this week, straight one for one in calibre so hopefully it will be in its new home next week. Thanks, chickenman, Jim

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