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Thread: Another clothing thread.....

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    Another clothing thread.....

    Good evening all,

    I am probably going over old ground here, but I would like your thoughts on some brands of clothing.

    I am looking for a new coat. I have a stoney creek sambar which is warm and does very well, apart from in heavy rain where it just gives up.

    I would like something to deal with the rough weather. I have been reading around and I am not sure if the harkila/swedeteam brands are hype or real quality. Thus I have been looking at brands with a bit more heritage.

    Could anyone enlighten me on their experiences with Fjallraven. They seem to have some interesting jackets and trousers.

    Could shine tell me if the Kammo Kodiak jackets are quiet enough to stalk in?

    I look forward to your opinions.


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    I meant to say someone, but the predictive text got me.


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    hi i had a kammo jacket, totally hated it not waterproof, i have been using a swazi wapiti for this last two years i find it hard to beat, not the warmest jacket but layer up, never got wet in it yet and it has been well tested

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    well ive had all makes of coats the one i use now is kammo kodiak rain , snow, wind nothing has gone though it no probs what so ever i never get hot or overheat while yomping about in it and never get cold but i do waterproof it now and again , but they are a few pounds and tobe honest there are coats on market at half the price that would suit you just as good and do the same job ,someone on hear from gwent is doing alot of clothing at bargin prices

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    I've had a look at the country covers Falklands jacket too. Looks good but does anyone know if its quiet though? Wants to perfect for the price.

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