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Thread: first stag of the year

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    first stag of the year

    thought some of you might like to hear of my first stage of the year
    this is also my first post on this sight

    went out early the other morning stalking for roe.
    spotted 2 stags on the edge of the wood
    started stalking in to them got to within 300m & they had gone.
    got the binos out had a look about nothing then i saw the top of a young pine tree move.
    got to within 150m & found not a stag but a roe buck no sine of the stags
    got set up took the shot one buck in the bag reloaded just in case & the 2 stags ran out of the wood 100m away one stopped long enough for a shot one stag to add to the bag all shot with my Remington .243 .
    all this & back home for 08:00 in time for breakfast not a bad morning.


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    Well done MACKY. Sound like a morning to remember.

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    Just remind me what stags are in season at the moment.

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    Reading Mackys intro I assume he is in Scotland where Red stags are in season.

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    Either that or he's a very naughty boy!

    I've got three days on the bucks lined up for the end of the week but, since this will be in England, any stags showing up, particularly on the Frday, will undoubtedly only do so out of pure contempt!

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    forgot to mention i am in Scotland not far from Loch Lomond


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    Quote Originally Posted by MACKY
    forgot to mention i am in Scotland not far from Loch Lomond

    My apologies - that's OK then!

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    Well done Macky and welcome to the site..

    Not a bad bag either for a first post



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    Well done Macky, you are a jammy bugger.
    I grassed my first stag of the season on the 4th of july, a very exciting stalk covering about a mile and then a 3 hour extraction. I will get around to detailing it on the site at some point.


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