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Thread: Kit advice

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    Kit advice

    Hi all

    Of to Florida in a few weeks so looking to get some reloading kit. I've been looking at the hornady classic lock n load kit, has anyone got any experiences with this ?
    Also what other bits will I need to pick up while I'am there
    All advice welcome

    Regards rich

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    bought the hornady lock and load kit to reload .20 tac. nice kit. The hand primer doesnt want to work with the redding shell holder i have but works fine with RCBS? that might be a one off or it may be the redding is a touch tighter. The press is nice, bushing system is nice. unnecessary if your only loading one calibre like i am at the moment but it allows flexibility later. powder thrower is nice but it doesnt come with a decent stand so maybe one of those. (or at least it didnt when i bought mine) Trickler is cheap and nasty and the scales dont seem to be very consistent, but that may be the way i am using them. The other bits and bobs are ok too. i got mine from mcavoy guns a good few months back but they were much MUCH cheaper than anywhere else, they might be worth a try. Maybe see if you can pick up a set of RCBS 10 - 10 scales for a good price, expensive over here and appear hard to get. dont think you would lose any money on them if you wanted to sell or change.

    Small cheeky request! if you happen to get a look through the nightforce atacr while your over there could you post up your thoughts when your back? seriously considering one!

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    thanks for your reply, I'll keep a look out for that scope and let you know

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    I use a lee classic press but have fit the Hornady lock and load quick change adapter to it and collars to all my dies. The conversion kit comes with the insert for the press and 2 collars for your dies then you can get collars in packs of 3 or 10. I also use Hornady new dimension die in 222 223 and 25-06. If you see one I can also recommend the Wilson case trimmer withe the shark fin clamp upgrade. Also as has already been stated a set of RCBS scales is worth buying, either 5-0-5's or 10-10's


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