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Thread: 7x57 mauser loads

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    7x57 mauser loads

    There must still be a few of us left on here (7x57 users that is) was just interested what bullet weights you throw i use a 140sp using Reloader19 good round and does the job.
    But just wondered if any one has experimented with different bullets say 130 or 150 cos i fancy trying some other loads out. Dont want to go to big co's i've got a 30-06 for that
    or to small either co's i've got a .243

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    I load for a FN commercial 98 Mauser with a 24" barrel. It's long throated. I use 150gn Nosler Partitions and 48.5gns of H4350(caveats apply work up). I get 2725fps. I've killed red hinds and pigs up to 250lbs. I use NP blems that are relatively cheap. I bought a bunch and have 75 or so loaded. I use 154 Hornady btsp for practice. If I ever run out of PTs, I'll probably just use the Hornadys. When I'm hog hunting, or I know my shots will be under 125yds or so, I load 175 Hornady roundnoses. I get 2400fps using 44gns H4350. I like the H4350 because it also works in my 30-06 and is not temperature sensitive. capt david

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