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Thread: 7X57 Factory Ammunition.

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    Smile 7X57 Factory Ammunition.

    Just had a slot put on my FAC for a 7x57, and am now trying to gather up some factory ammunition for initial zeroing. I have managed to find one box of Federal Power Shock 140 gn @ 21 per box (), and Norma Oryx 156 gn at 51 per box (). Someone did try to help buy offering me some 7mm Rem Mag, but I managed to resist. Never used this calibre before, so any recommendations on factory rounds worth trying (if I can track them down) would be appreciated. Most of my stalking is roe, with a few muntjac here and there.

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    Last I looked, henry Krank (leeds) was doing them for aprox 12 a box think they were FMJ though.
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    If you can get the it Hornady ammo is good stuff. The Superperformance really makes the 7x57 shine, but there is nothing wrong with the custom. If you can get Sellior and Bellot, it's not bad and cheaper. The 175gd shoots tiny groups in my friends 7x57, he dosen't reload, I do. I borrowed some to see how they shot and was surprised. capt david

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    If you contact REEVES 01491 671648 they have in stock RWS and Federal ranging from 123grain up to 175grain so plenty for you to choose from and just to mention 7x57 is what Simon uses so no shortage of 7x57 ammo etc.
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