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Thread: Fire arm certificate

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    Fire arm certificate

    Hi guys, Could any one tell me what is the easiest and quickest way to get an FAC license.

    Many thanks again Kastoras

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    Quickest way would be download the forms and print them off. Fill them in and send to appropriate firearms office.

    BASC - Firearms and Shotgun Certificate application forms forms can be downloaded here.

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    Apply to your local feo , but I wouldn't say it's straight forward it all depends what rifle you want where your going to shoot it , experience and so on , if you you just want to get hold of a license so you can get your hands on a rifle and rattle some rounds off then I would join a rifle range, but even then you will have to do anything up to six months as a probationer, (until they know that your safe with a gun) before they will let you loose with a rifle then they will plaster your licence with condition after conditions, good luck fella

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    you seem to have asked similar questions on each post?

    didnt you like the answer?

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    It helped with my application to include a covering letter, which detailed experience with firearms and training (already taken and booked), stalking experience (past and booked). This letter also explained what I was asking for in terms of firearms and why.
    It may help to be a member of a rifle club, but I guess this was important for me as i applying on the basis of paid stalking (so had no ground for zeroing etc).
    Make sure the referees you choose are suitable and fill off/send back the reference forms as quick as possible.
    Can email you copy of the cover letter if you want to see what format I used (PM me email address if you want a copy).
    All the best,

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    Thank you Sharkbait,all the best to you.

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