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Thread: Rubber for eyepiece to fit S&B 8x 56

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    Rubber for eyepiece to fit S&B 8x 56

    Can anyone tell me where is the best place to get a replacement rubber for the eyepiece of my S&B 8x56 scope? Manage to lose the original out stalking last week.


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    I know a chap who emailed S&B the same question and they sent him one for free!

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    I had the same problem - Sent an email to S&B & they sent me two different ones to be sure that I got the correct one & didn't want the other back either! - Quick service & no cost!


    p.s. They advised me to use epoxy glue to make the new one stay on so it must be a common request for them.
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    Thanks guys....always happy to go for the no cost option!!!


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