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    hi, im looking at a pair of new gloves but just woundering which are better, harkila pro hunter or the seeland keeper, im looking for a light but warm glove for these frosty days,
    many thnaks for your help

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    The sealskinz shooting gloves are worth a look.

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    I have a pair of "Rockey" gloves i bought from Midway UK 2 years ago. They are light and extreamly warm and wind proof.

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    I use Viper special ops gloves off eBay... Sound bl**dy ridiculous, but they're good and only £15!

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    Macwet climatec, brilliant and hard wearing but a little to warm in the summer (switch to fingerless gloves)

    edit: I have used mine down to -5 and only needed the occasional blow in the hards to warm them back up.

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    You won't be able to pull the trigger in the pro hunter gloves, more like ski gloved!

    IMO the Sealskinz are not a warm glove if you are sitting still and any glove is warm enough if you are moving.

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    Winter: Norrona Finnskogen Windstopper.
    Summer: Swedteam Lycraglove Hardwoods Green. (With trigger finger split.)

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    Summer - Cabela's Camo-Skinz:

    Winter: Camo-Skinz inside a pair of either Fleece camo gloves or Gore-Tex/Thinsulate gloves.

    Not been cold or wet yet.

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    hi just got a pair of sealskinz hunter/sport gloves nice fit and warm i also got a pair of the wool therm/inserts same maker too hot but i can see them coming into play when next in high seat or out fowling

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