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Thread: it's light again!

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    it's light again!

    Went out stalking for the first time after work this year now that there's just enough daylight to make it happen and nailed a roe follower right on the darkening. All we need now is some warmth!

    Roe for tea the morn

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    9 to 5 'er!
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    It has been warm the last few days, even reached 10oc! Some cold weather is due in the next few days again....
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    It's good to get out a walk after work with the dogs now and be able to see with the days starting to get that wee bit longer
    Still cold but dry and still have to wear wellies as ground sodden under foot...

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    nice one mate, i've started feeding breeze before the pm stalk now. She still finds room for any spare kidneys though. Bless her.

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    Nice one Paul nt long till the Bucks now and christ dont time fly when your having fun.

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    "It's light again"

    Another tic fallen off ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by smullery View Post

    "It's light again"

    Another tic fallen off ?

    We have entered the "stan" zone. Again.

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