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Thread: Flu treatments

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    Flu treatments

    Hi, having just got over a nasty,nasty, bout of flu I was wondering if anyone knew any old wives tricks to aid recovery ?
    I had this chest thing 2 weeks ago and finally managed to see it off only for it to come back 10 times as bad a few days later last week. I had a 40 deg c temperature and a nasty cough that stayed with me day and night with really painful coughs every minute or so. So bad, I genuinely thought I was dying because I couldn't breath as my lungs were so hard with bright green phlegm.
    Anyway, my tip is this, my girlfriend helped me out no end with a treatment that her German grandmother used to use. she boiled potatoes, in their skins, and then crushed them whilst still really hot and wrapped them in a tea towel. She put the steaming warm pack on my chest, within the hr i was coughing a little less and more productively, hence I was able to breath again and also sleep a little.
    After that one ill be taking it easy for a while, its true, real flu is way, way, worse than anything ive ever had before. I cant even remember the 1st 12 hrs of it.
    On the sofa now in a sleeping bag with hot drinks and the laptop to stave away the boredom. Id got 6 seating's planned for this weekend, the last big push on the fallow for the season, I hope I stay like this now so I can still go. I think ill ask the Dr though if she thinks im still contagious, even though I feel alright again, there is no way that id want any of the others to get the flu I just had, it was really hard stuff.

    Anyway, best of health, Olaf

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    Had flu twice in my life the second time was so bad it turned into pneumonia and I can say I didn't care if i lived or died thankfully still here to tell the tale .the only thing I know works regards the cough is have a hot bath and soften the soles of your feet well and then rub Vick into them when finished put some socks on even in bed .
    hope you feel better soon

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    I feel for you. Flu is nasty. People catch a cold and then complain they have Flu. Flu pole axes you. My Wife had Flu last year and she was 8 weeks off work and she is tough as old boots. Funny thing was i looked after her and never caught it.
    Menthol Crysals in very hot water and breath the vapours in is very good for clearing the tubes out.
    Hope you are out and about soon.


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    +1 for the vick

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    Propolis - works for bees!
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    I see on another forum they are reccomending a vitamin supplement called Berocca
    It doesnt do a lot for whichever bug or virus you have, but it supposedly shortens the time you suffer with it

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    Try and get Menthol crystals, certainly clears you out!

    had,a bout of flu about 5 years ago, not good! Certainly different from the cold.

    was feeling crap for a couple of days, starting to feel better so went out for a hind or 2. Got soaked on the quad. Followed with 3 weeks off!!!

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    Elderberries are a potent anti-viral. We always gather as many as possible in season, and then make them in to a variety of alcoholic concoctions and syrups/cordials. Whenever any type of cold or virus rears it's head, a large tot of spiced elderberry gin goes down well, and then regular doses of other elderberry containing goodies help to get over the sniffles faster.

    Not sure if it works with flu, I get the flu jab each year so haven't experienced it recently.

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    Thanks for the kind advice folks, I'm dreading going to sleep incase I get woken up coughing my lungs clear but at least I'm over the worst.
    Great advice re the menthol cristals, I used them but they hurt a bit too much as my throat was all torn up from the coughing. A nice thing that helped instead was somthing called Olbas oil. The GF got me it from the pharmacy. Its good stuff because its soothing and it was the only thing that stopped the coughing, majic stuff. Also, its great because you can use it like a rub and have it next to ones bed. Whenever I started coughing badly I'd put a few drops onto some toilet paper and hold it over my mouth and nose and it would stop the reflexes. Such a relief ! I'm going to give the Viks a go though, putting it on my feet ? To sort out a cough ? Weird ! So weird it might just work eh !

    Kindest regards, Olaf

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    If you put Vick on the Soles of your Feet don't go ass over tit on the lino' .

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