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Thread: Largest Wildboar Tusks I've seen!

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    Largest Wildboar Tusks I've seen!

    During a recent visit to Iran, a friend brought this impressive Wildboar scull with the largest Tusk measuring 31 cm long! I'm sure this is a gold medal trophy or maybe even one of the largest ever shot. Does any one know how to measure this correctly and what is the largest tusks ever measured in length? Unfortunately he didn't weight the beast and only has the scull with the tusks….
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    I have no idea about measuring boar tusks, but those certainly look impressive! Is it genuine or has it been faked? The skull looks relatively small / slender when compared to the size of the tusks, but perhaps it's just camera angle!

    I have shot some fairly hefty boar on my patch and nothing has come remotely close to having what I would call spectacular tusks, admittedly a good amount is buried in the jaw and I have never tried extracting any to look at the total length. Some of the pics I see of European boar show an exceptional length of tusk compared to what I see around me.



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    Ask Wayne Davis or Gerry (sus scrofa) about large boar tusks.
    I expect Wayne has still got his from the 1st officially measured gold medal wild boar shot in U.K and Gerry will still have his from the second gold medal boar shot in the U.K ( which was bigger than Waynes

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    Not knowing anything about trophies for any species, perhaps I do have a medal set too then! I will extract some tusks from the skulls I have. Having bought a dodgy truck off one these gents and an even more dodgy scope of the other perhaps they will let me have a look in their trophy cabinets!!



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    Dodgy? what do you mean Thomas? they can`t possibly be dodgy

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    Thanks for the replies. The Skull is big & 100% genuine; as I compared it to the boars head I shot last week noticed the diffrence! Went out under moon light with him (3 nights) & shot 2 porcupine & 2 wildboar, he is the real thing! I searched the net & found the claim for the largest tasks to be 32cm, don't know if there are any larger...
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    Nice one Sam. I think you'll also need the girth of both tusks to get a CIC measurement.

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