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Thread: A True Friend

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    A True Friend

    Around this time last year, I lost my stalking, due to the shoot expansion and a full time keeper coming in. Although I have known this friend for many years and have stalked with him in the past, we only generally meet up on beating days and a once a year visit to the Phoenix meeting at Bisley.
    We spoke of my situation a couple of times and he said I could shoot on the small bit that he has ( never took him up on this as he only gets a couple of Roe a year). Years ago, he had stalking on an estate that he worked on and yesterday I received a Text from him, that goes something like this.
    Friend, *****(the owner) phoned to say that I can have the stalking again.
    I sent back- Wonderful news, I would love to come out with you occasionally.
    Friend replied, "I thought we could share it".
    This estate is beutifully wooded on hills with a valley in the middle. There was a good population of Roe and fallow as occasional visitors.
    He has suggested we have a bit of a Reccie in the next couple of weeks to assess the numbers and locations and make a start in April.

    As my title suggests 'A FRIEND INDEED'.

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    Yep. Not many of those about. Well done.

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    Fantastic news; bet your ecstatic. Hope you have treated him to a nice dram.
    All the best for the future sport for both of you

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    Well it takes one to know one. I'm excited for you - new ground is always exciting.

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    friends like that are a rare thing indeed today !

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    That's the way to do it, I have a mate just the same and it works both ways a true mate .we tend to read about the other sort from time to time on here don't we !
    Good hunting

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    Well done a true mate indeed. I wished my stalking friend was like that all he did was s**t on me from a great hight by getting his wallet out and buying it from under me. Still live and learn nice to no there are still a few honest friends out there.

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    A true mate you have got in him, hope you are keeing well.

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    One door shuts another opens. Glad you got yourself some new ground. Enjoy.

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    Good to see there are still a few good lads out there. This year myself a few good lads have came forward and some good friendships are blossoming.


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