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Thread: Sitting waiting for the FLO

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    Sitting waiting for the FLO

    Im sitting waiting for a 11am visit from the local FLO, Regarding renewal of Firearms and Shotgun Certificate,
    Why do I feel like i'm waiting for a job intervew ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spforrest View Post
    Im sitting waiting for a 11am visit from the local FLO, Regarding renewal of Firearms and Shotgun Certificate,
    Why do I feel like i'm waiting for a job intervew ?
    Kettle on and a plate of nice biscuits :-)

    You've done this before

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    Ply him with home made cakes and scones then hit him with you outlandish requests

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    make sure the Mrs (if any) is warm and welcoming, that the dogs are not jumping and barking, the son isn't out back playing with your 12g, and you take down the 'kill the president' posters from inside of your cabinet (LOL). probably also worth having your lease agreements or records of stalks on the table.

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    Dogs barking and generally going wild at an unknown visitor should score brownie points! Just don't let them bite him.
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    Many thanks for the ideas, He was in fact a She, and shearrived at exactly 11am. I made some outlandish requests but she does not for seeany problems (.223 and .243 for hunting on local farm/target use and .308 +.338 for target shooting at my club). She even agreed to my proposed relocationof cabinet. Happy days and top marks to Northumbria-although I will reservejudgement until my new tickets arrive.

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    I have them coming tomorrow to check security after house move.
    I do not have alarm working yet but I do not see that as a problem.House is secure and guns in cabinets in my new gun room ( loft conversion ).Coming 9 am tomorrow so looking forward to getting it out of the way.

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    I must admit I am pleased it's over with, although once Imove the cabinet a re-inspection will benecessary.
    Now for the hard work, persuading the wife I really do needwhat I want LOL

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    Hope all goes well hogey, is it Northumbria or Durham ?

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    You posted at 1102 and the server clock is spot on so she must have been late!

    Glad it went well... I've recently had my renewal visit too and spent the evening before stressing about ammo allowances and obsessively counting rounds to make double sure I wasn't over. It went fine too, in fact he never even checked that....

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