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Thread: Mincer/Sausage stuffer recomendations?

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    Mincer/Sausage stuffer recomendations?

    I am thinking of buying a better meat mincer perhaps with a sausage filling function as well, does anyone have any recomendations?

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    Yes - don't do it!!
    They are crap!
    Get a decent powered micer with no gadgets, and get a seperate sausage stuffer with a crank handle and not a lever plunger. Bushwear do some suitable small ones.

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    took your advise and well glad I did, bought a youngs mincer and 5kg Italian rack and pinion stuffer.

    Spent an hour watching you tube vid on linking, nearly got it!

    Trouble is now that we are eating sausages every day. What a hobby!!!

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    Nice one doghound!
    Have you found some good recipes?

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    One that withstands just personal kitchen usage rather than big supplier /producer requirements is the moulinex with attachments, very robust, unless someone drops dry rusk in when interfering! (the powerful motor blew the plastic tube off!) . Steve.

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    MS actually used yours from another post, but exchanged sugar for redcurrant jelly. really nice.

    Got quite a few recipes but most are from books or web I prefer those tried and tested by the likes of your good self and trapper.

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    monkey spanker took your advice
    you cost me a bloody fortune
    bought the complete set up at the midland
    seperate mincer and stuffer skins rusk and spices
    looking forward to having a go
    oh and we took delivery of three pigs last night
    out in the field . future sausages
    pete .

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    Expensive no doubt, but a wise choice Pete. If only those poor little piggies knew what awaits! It's definitely a case of 'buy cheap - buy twice' when it comes to mincers & stuffers. The little cheap ones also struggle and take so long that heat is imparted into the mixture which is not good, especially with pork in the equation!
    Let us know how you got on. What make of kit did you get in the end?

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    M/S its the weschenfelder and sons kit
    really nice people to deal with and a website to order any
    spare kit etc
    just had a look its a youngs 220 /50 mincer
    let you know how it goes pete .

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