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    New member

    Hi All,

    my name is Chris i live in the Inverness area ive been shooting since i was 10, mostly .22 and 12 gauge started with rabbit and moved on to decoying pigeon on the south coast of England during a short spell of working there,

    long story cut short-
    got together with the Mrs she didn't like guns.
    got rid of guns .
    joined a local full bore club got the bug again.
    Mrs decided she wanted a dog, agreed but only if it was a dog i could work with.
    Cocker spaniel obtained.
    FAC applied for.

    it's all about a bit of give and take

    calibre- .308 .270 .22

    to date i haven't been out stalking as yet but this is something im really interested in and hope to do this year. 36 years in the highland and never stalked.... sin

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    hi all welcome to site . never mind mate you will get out an about stalking up here if not give m,e a shout an i will get u out to pigeons or gees and mabe reds when they cum back into season

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    Caley- thanks very much that would be superb,

    i was told this is a great forum for that very same thing everyone is helpful and full of great advice


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    Hi Chris, similar position to me mate, plenty of bunny bashing and game shooting done bit very little stalking, hope you enjoy the stalking as much as I have started to good luck..

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    Welcome on board

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    thanks all, much appreciated

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    Well bit of an update.

    ​had the dreaded home visit (nervous was not the word) didn't really know what to expect, lots of reading just in-case an obscure question should be asked.
    officer arrived did the whole security thing and few questions regarding experience and justification for selected calibres. actually put me at ease as the officer was down to earth and helpfull. (freshly ground coffee and fine biscuits a must though)
    so this morning my FAC landed on the doormat,
    all requests granted and open ticket.

    very happy indeed

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    Welcome and good news about your open certificate!

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    Amazing who you come across on here! Welcome aboard mate!

    Stalking shouldn't be a problem when you know the North of Scotland's Number 1 Deer Magnate!

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