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Thread: HS and BMH how do they differ in the task of tracking

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    HS and BMH how do they differ in the task of tracking

    Could you guys that have these hounds please explain the differences in these two breeds regarding the task of tracking
    Many Thanks in advance
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    Couldnt comment on bmh, but i would say the hs has added weight,headstrongness for working with larger species of deer? Bmh guys feel free to enlighten me?

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    No differences regarding to the task of tracking.
    Both clubs (I know... The two official clubs VH and KGBS) have (slightly) different testing standards.
    In general: These are just two separate pure breeds, breeded and tested according to high standards and needs, used for tracking all kind of deer and boar. This makes them to two of the three officially assigned bloodhound breeds.
    The bmh was (according to its name) historically more common and used in the mountain areas, also on tracking chamois or ibex in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Its still similar to this, you see a lot of PHs or gamekkepers down in these mountains being escorted by am bmh. Easy to tell why: Its just lighter and the dog is having it easier up there.....
    Both breeds can be the same as good on tracking and even on holding or stopping all sizes of wounded game/deer. If not, if its too big or to aggressive, they are trained properly to stay this closed and bark and jump around the animal that it usually cant escape and will be dispatched by the arriving holder. This is an extra test we do with these dogs, to check their aggression to game, their behaviour on a still moving animal, and their willing to get it down, without getting hurt....
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    Wild boar has hit it on the head the two breeds are excellent at what they were bred for the BMH is far more agile and was bred to improve free movement in areas that a larger heavier dog would have struggled. The dogs are supposed to track down and if the animal is still alive hold at bay until dispatch by owner. The BMH i would imagine will be able to move quicker and stay out of harms way. Were the bigger and slower HS could get caught out on occasions.
    I chose a BMH because it is small compact and dose the job.
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    I must admit to liking the size and bulk of the HS (nothing against the smaller BMH at all). However, if you see Paul's (Widu) dog you would not describe him as small!

    As for hunting, I was always led to believe that the HS has a tendency to lift their head along a track and try and take in all scent available and perhaps not just that coming from the track left by the animals feet. I certainly see my young bitch doing that a lot. Most of the BMH's I see hunting seem to have a much faster approach to the track with their noses almost glued to the ground. That no doubt may vary between age of tracks and age of dog/experience as well.

    What I will say though is that the temperament of the HS was described to me by Rudi and the Baron to a T. I love their calm laid back nature but when needed they can show another side that just reminds you they will be more than capable of taking a grip when needed.

    Right now mine knows I am in the house just now so I can hear her outside battering her water bowl around the run in an effort to get my attention! She does not care about the bollocking for emptying it because to her she is now with me! What more could you ask for from a dog???!!!

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    Sorry , an HS slower , i think you never saw one .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudi View Post
    Sorry , an HS slower , i think you never saw one .
    You will definately have to bring those videos to the Fair now Rudi!

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    Send mail , Yes will bring them just to show what can be done with this dogs ;
    Thanks for the positive reactions i had .

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    Jamross,she still pingching away.....poor Pascha got blamed for that.
    We know the pingching dogComes by name of Whisky
    VH HS are superior to all
    What do you say Widu,see ye watchin there ye
    Much better than those KBGS half breeds Far far superior and high brow,what what

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    Rudi i have seen a couple mate mind you just the Belgium ones not the German type. But i would certainly put my bitch in the faster more athletic category . But you might be correct the much larger heavier boned loosed skinned HS might actually be faster and more agile than the BMH,S

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