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    Just a quick line to say thank you to everyone that I met over the weekend at the CLA.

    Good to catch up with some of the site members, especially a few of the more recent folk who have joined the site. Hope you all managed to find something you really needed to buy and I look forward to meeting some of you again in October.



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    Cheers Malc,

    Nice to put a face to the name, spent a fortune in the end. Todd was better off on that BDS table than up someone's leg!


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    I didnít make it to the show until the afternoon in the end so I was gutted not to meet up with those going up to Scotland. Why do pheasants always decide to die the mourning your wanting to go out!!!
    I must say I am glad my boss gave me free tickets as I would of been more than disappointed if I had paid 25quid to get in!
    Nearly fallow time!!

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    CLA 2009

    Best CLA I have been to. Good BASC and BDS stands - weather not too hot, not too cold - layout excellent. Just a bit disappointed about the amount of trade stands - fewer accessories available than in the past. The credit crunch bites!

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