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Thread: Stalking Video camera

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    Stalking Video camera

    Can someone advice me on buying a video camera to take with me when I am stalking.

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    yorkshire roe stalking produces some great videos maybe he would be a good bet for advice.

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    PM JayB, he has a video camera pair of glasses which he has put a clip of in use on here somewhere, he did say that you would be able to shoot while wearing them, leaving you hands free.

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    I've got a GoPro which you can use doing almost everything! You can't zoom in and it can make perspective seem a long way off. Great for close work!

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    +1 for Go Pro

    I have one for mountain biking and have just set up a rig for one on an MP5 to demo night vision being used for airsoft during the day (ok that doesnt make sense reading it back but it is digital NV you can use during the day and at night was my point, the new Yukon Photon, to be precise)

    Anyway I digress..

    Go Pro is awesome, with lots of mount options, and I even made a labrador dog cam mount!

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    I'm no expert on cameras and their technology but I would recommend you go for something with Full 1080P HD, there's lots of cheap ones about on the net which aren't Full HD. Go for one with built in image stabilisation and try and get one with a good optical zoom, ignore the digital zoom it just degrades the quality of the video and it gets more pixelated the deeper you go. The more zoom you use the shakier the footage, the stabilisation will take out some of this but you will need a tripod for best quality, I have been using one of the flexible tripods with foam covered legs, you can simply attach them to a branch, treestand or even your shooting sticks to help get shake free footage.

    I recently bought a JVC GZ-EX210B, it's pretty basic but covers all my needs. Also make sure you get one where you can turn the sound off, had a mate a few years ago who bought this fancy cam with all the bells and whistles so we decided to take it when we went hunting, I wasn't too impressed when it started beeping every time he opened it, turns out there was no option to turn off the sound And make sure you buy a little dry-sack or something to store it in for when it rains or when your flask of coffee starts leaking in your bag

    As for the action camera's, these are great for close up stuff but I don't think many have a zoom so are pretty limited in their abilities. I have a Contour Roam HD Action Camera which has no zoom, if you look on my YouTube channel using the link below there is some footage I shot of a roe at about 75 meters, make sure you watch it in 1080P and full screen and you will get a good idea of the quality.

    looking forward to see your footage on the forum
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