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Thread: Members beware.

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    Members beware.

    Hi, Three of us hunted in Kwa Zulu Natal in 2008 and 2009. we all took trophies, some gold medal. We had the trophies picked by Rudi Vissner of SUPREME WILDLIFE CC at Plot312 Harlesbeeshoek, we all paid the 50% deposit in 2008. when we were there this year, again trophies were picked up and we were assured that 2008 trophies were packed and ready to ship. To date our e-mails are not replyed to, he has moved and currently we believe there are 14 other people in the same position. In May this year we made contact with him whilst we were in S. Africa and were assured all our trophies were done, hence we again paid our monies. If anyone else has dealings with him PLEASE p.m. me, at preasent we are 2000,00 out of pocket, but more important all our trophies and memories of the great times we had has turned sour. Any help please pm me, I will not dislodge any imformation or the source I recieve Many thanks deerwarden

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    Sorry to hear of your problems.

    I would put in a complaint to PHASA stating the full details. I would also complain to the company you hunted with as most of them are on a commission from the Taxidermy companies to send their clients to them.

    I would also mention to them that you are intending on putting a formal complaint to The Hunting Report. This is a very good newspaper that goes out to subscribers in the USA and will make and break many Outfitters and Taxidermists.

    Lastly I would advise you and your friends to get your work done in this country. It is cheaper to ship flat skins and you can see the work done before you pay for it.

    All the best


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