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Thread: DSC 2 assessment

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    DSC 2 assessment

    Hi guys

    Anyone know of a DSC 2 assessor in or around kent with their own ground, willing to book up three or four stalks in advance, would like to get my portfolio finished and signed off this year

    Can travel to home counties, Essex and norfolk areas no problem



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    Should have contacts with your portfolio phil. Why not use andy or failing that try sikamalc
    atb Steve

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    I guess it's a witness you want rather than an assessor? In which case, if you don't mind coming to the west you could do far worse than to contact Alan Shannahan on the hants/Surrey border, he has good stalking around those parts and is happy to take advance bookings subject to a confirmatory call to confirm weather is suitable etc.
    pm me if you want his contact details (they'll be on your witness list for hants/Surrey I guess)


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    Why not send Sikamalc a private message.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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