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Thread: Oscar Pistorius

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    Oscar Pistorius

    I always thought that oscar pistorius was a bit of a low down bum.

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    Lets face it, he's not the first guy to wake up legless on valentines day and shoot all over his missus while imagining she was someone else....

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    Oscary Pistoleerious.

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    I've heard Oscar shot his Mrs due to the fact that he couldn't get his leg over with her and apparently he ain't got a leg to stand on in court unless he does the ho-ke-ko-ke and shakes them all about.

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    Forensics at the scene said that because of footprints found nearby ,they were looking for a kangaroo armed with a semi automatic pistol.

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    He won't get bail - they are worried that he might leg it!

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    Think your all being a bit harsh. I have heard that it was pitch black and he couldnt see two feet in front of himself.

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    Roses are red
    Violets are glorious
    Don't try to surprise
    Oscar Pistorius

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    He got bail today, so he left court with a spring in his step

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