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Thread: strangest place you seen something

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    strangest place you seen something

    im writing this, as this morning taking a friend out for a stalk to see if we could catch up to a very old baron doe. we walked past a broken tree and there was a really loud noise it was a fox must have been asleep till we walked past but it was about 10 foot up in the air> well thats mine now show me yours stu

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    I once found a fox fast asleep next to the haystack, a quick bash with a stick made the sleep permanent.

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    I found peppa pig ,in the silage !! ( grandaughter plastic toy )

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    Is this gonna turn into another sex toy thread .

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    Bike placed on top of a timber stack with footprints in the snow walking away. Nearest place was miles away person must have got fed up cycling.was just somthing storage about it all.

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    A few nights ago on BBC2 I found a grown man getting chased around a tree by a kangaroo. In as far as I could see it was happening in the Australian outback but BBC2 elected to show it happening for the best part of 2 hours. What was that all about?
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